Florette Worldwide operations in Malaysia sited at the heart of Kuala Lumpur with fully equipped and well-managed operational office, which now serves as the head office for Florette Worldwide’s business operations in Malaysia.

Our company distinguish itself as a leader in the industry by creating Value with our quality service & precious care, it will be recognized for the passion of its people in providing value added, innovative attitude to the services.

The increasing demand for international quality moving service in Malaysia was realized by Florette Worldwide in time to serve its existing corporate customer base and started our operation in Malaysia with an aspire of strengthening international position, organization growth, extend customer relationship and to expand our network worldwide.

Our Specialties

Florette Worldwide provides widespread in-house proficiency with various amenities and the service range from origin service to destinations service, which includes Domestic & international removal, assignments from expatriate’s families, transferees to individuals on the move. In addition to this, we hold a prominent position in the industry with Business Migration, Warehouse and Freight Forwarding. Florette Worldwide Malaysia offers an efficient and competitive total Relocation service with optimal planning with proper and timely executive.

Florette Worldwide maintain our amenities, add value to our operations by better quality and timely shipments. The trained professionals provide attractive packing with paramount importance, skilled in the art of moving with utmost care and safe at storage. Ample attention is given to minute details while packing the Goods. Our strength is our people, who are trained at regular intervals to meet the expectations of our clients and infrastructure, which is upgraded according to the international quality standards. Each customer receives a personalized attention and we provide responsive customer service.

Our Belief And Pledge

We endow with a wide-range of high quality move through service, management, our specialized mode of operation. We gained the customer satisfaction by attaining their specific needs and requirements to the best of Trust, safety and Reliability.

Quality is the cornerstone of everything we do. It is our passion to provide exceptional care to every customer we serve.

Respect our customers, employees and affiliated peoples and maintain the highest standards.

Enhance the practice and delivery of every aspect of customer care, safeguard the integrity and safety

Manage costs and resources efficiently.

Enhance the leadership and staff governance, share knowledge and best practices with others.

Our service is a grand total of awareness of needs, problems, fears and aspirations.

We feel fortunate to foster and be part of a culture that encourages people to take ownership of their actions.

Initiate improvements and demonstrate a passion for service to our various customers. It is an exciting time for us, because we have moved well beyond preaching quality to our clients into fully implementing principles ourselves.

Quality journey has helped us to maintain our focus on customers. We trust you’ll recognize our commitment to quality in everything we do at our organizations. Same time we recognize our vital responsibilities towards our customers, will keep the morality and ethics with quality service and reliability.

In short, Florette Worldwide makes hearty partnership with our customers, share certain beliefs, that they hold philosophies, expectations and standards and company will articulate their belief with high standard and perfection through our service.